The male orgasm without ejaculation

Orgasm and ejaculation are sometimes confused. Although they almost always occur at the same time and most people think of them as the same thing, orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes. It has always been thought that there were two phases of orgasm: the contractions of pleasure and the release of semen. During ejaculation

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The male orgasm without ejaculation

Tips for seducing a guy

In the beginning, don’t expose too much about yourself. Men find mystery in a woman fascinating, as she allows them to imagine thousands of things. Imagination is the most powerful weapon in the game of seduction. The boy’s curiosity about you will trigger his later interest in meeting you. It is a psychological reality that

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Tips for seducing a guy

Good Time For Sex

Well, actually any time of the day is good for having sex, although it points out that there are some that seem better than others for sexual intercourse. We suggest some proposals that may surprise you but that can help you for that moment when you can be very busy. Although it seems a contradiction,

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Good time for sex

What is Lingam Massage?

This massage focuses on the discovery of body awareness and pleasure (the Yoni massage), the well-known Lingam massage or Lingam massage, it is applied in Tantric massage sessions, but in men. In Tantara “lingam”, which means the sexual organ of man, the name “lingam” is Sanskrit, where the channeling of tantra energy and pleasure in the male

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What is Lingam Massage

Thai Massage: Quick Guide

Thai massage involves a lot of sensuality and pleasure with a simple touch. Like tantric massage, Thai massage is not a type of sex. However, it can set the stage for sexual intercourse. The movements are made in order to release the vital energy points of the human body. How did Thai massage come about?

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Thai Massage The Quick Guide

Anal Sex: 5 best positions

Let’s talk about the top 5 anal sex positions. Anal sex is still a taboo in society, and most women still have prejudices and prejudices in relation to the practice, even with the issue of female empowerment being so high. That is why today I decided, once again, to speak with you on this subject

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Best 5 positions for anal sex