5 Erogenous zones of the male body

Erotic zones of the male body

One thing that is incredibly stimulating is to be able to provide pleasure for your partner in the erogenous zones of the male body and to see that he is aroused and on the verge of orgasm without even touching the sexual organ.

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In this post we will talk:

What are erogenous zones;
5 erogenous zones of the male body;
Erogenous zones of the male body prohibited;

After all, sex is an exchange between a couple and just as you want your partner to play a little before they go on to sex, they also appreciate other types of stimulation.

And I can guarantee that stroking other erogenous zones will drive your partner crazy and take you to another level of sexual partner.

What are erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are arousal points throughout the body.
Men’s and women’s are in different places, but both are characterized by a large concentration of blood vessels, which make them sensitive to the touch.

Men have more than ten zones and some erogenous zones of the male body are well known, such as: penis, ear, lips, neck. Many men look for escorts who provide Deep French Kiss because they get an erection faster.

I want to draw your attention to some of them, but especially to others that you haven’t explored yet – and don’t know what you’re missing.

Five erogenous zones male body

Neck: This area is very sensitive, not to mention that it is extremely sensual. Any kind of affection here generates chills and sexual excitement. Invest in kisses, light bites and licks.

Back of the neck: Delicate caresses and kisses in this region are great ways to warm up the weather before sex. Another tip is to raise your hands a little and gently pull the hair that is closest to the nape of the neck.

Spine and back: Male backs are not just darlings of women. Mild stimuli with nails or more heated kisses have exciting effects. Start at the bottom and work your way down until you reach the groin.

Groin: The proximity to the penis causes extra excitement in men and makes it one of the main erogenous zones to invest in, according to sexologists. You can run your hand across the area with a firm touch, take light bites and kiss. Look closely at him while he is down there. It will drive you even crazier!

Inner thigh: Very irrigated and with an interesting proximity to the male sexual organ, it is an area that cannot be ignored by women. Pass your nails lightly, give a massage and lick around here.

The two most erogenous zones

Two very erogenous zones for men, but which are still little explored because they are considered a male taboo: the nipples and the perineum – area between the scrotum and the anus.

The latter is even referred to by some as the male G-spot due to the nerve endings present there.

Both regions can be stimulated with the tongue or with light touches.

The big problem is that some men may not feel comfortable having these areas stimulated. So, my tip is to look closely at the partner’s reaction while you are stroking the area.

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