Squirting: the secrets of female ejaculation


Some say it is a legend, while others who have experienced it claim that squirting is one of the most intense sexual experiences.

The topic still generates curiosity and controversy, but the truth is that this sexual phenomenon is being increasingly debated and investigated.

Anyway, lose your shame and don’t let your partner look for an escort to get all wet with a good female ejaculation

As it happens? Can every woman achieve it?

In this text I will talk about squirting and take all your doubts about it.

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What is squirting?

woman having a female ejaculation
Female ejaculation or squirting refers to the expulsion of fluid from the urethra during orgasm or sexual arousal. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.

And we say big and strong because it’s like a jet… not just “a little bit of liquid”. So much so that many of the women who try it wonder if they peed.

While some women find the experience intensely pleasurable, others may find it extremely embarrassing and even undesirable.

The topic gained a lot of interest due to the porn films, which showed women expelling real squirting jugs from their partners. Obviously, there are also many tricks in these films, actresses who introduce liquids into their parts and then release at the right time, or even urinate and try to go through what is not. Everything to simulate squirting. Therefore, what you see on the screen is often not real.

See here a Squirt Tutorial by my favorite porn actress Flower Tucci


If you feel like peeing, you’re on the right way!

Experts analyzed the chemical composition of the liquid released when seven women squirted during sex. They went to the bathroom before sex, and the scans showed that the bladder was empty.

After the women were sexually aroused, alone or with a partner, they had another ultrasound, which showed that their bladders had filled a notable amount. After the squirting, the ultrasound showed that the women’s bladders were empty again, supporting the notion that the liquid released in the squirt is urine.

However, this research still causes controversy, since the number of people who participated in the study was infinitely low. In addition, for some specialists this liquid has more characteristics of prostate plasma, not urine, and it is concluded that this may be the proof that the Skene glands, from where the fluid comes from, function as glands of the female prostate.

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