Anal Sex: 5 best positions

Best 5 positions for anal sex

Let’s talk about the top 5 anal sex positions. Anal sex is still a taboo in society, and most women still have prejudices and prejudices in relation to the practice, even with the issue of female empowerment being so high.

That is why today I decided, once again, to speak with you on this subject and also this is one of the main reasons men seek escorts who have anal sex.

I want you not to be ashamed to talk about sex, mainly because it is something very natural and pleasurable.

In addition, today I will give you tips on the best anal sex positions for you who are curious, but never tested for fear of practice.

Among the doubts that come to me, are from the most basic, about how to do without hurting, to those that involve the psychological and self-judgment question: “if I ask, what will he think of me?”, “Should I do just to satisfy his will ”?

Why is anal sex still taboo?

Woman making silence not to mention the taboo that is anal sex

This complicated little question, see?

Because, if we look deeply, anal sex is not a modern practice, but there is an uproar and stigma around it.

There are women who like it a lot, those who do it only on special occasions, and those who have never tried and do not feel like it.

First of all, it is necessary to reinforce the power of choice of each one. If we are free to choose what we want, how we want it, in bed it is no different.

Our body belongs to us, and only we can legislate about it.

So, if anal sex is not a possibility for you, that’s fine. You have the right to say no and to be calm about your choice.

Now, if you haven’t tried it yet because you have doubts and some insecurities about the practice, how about ending all these question marks?

Considered by many as a prohibited practice, anal sex is so controversial because it mainly involves the issue of domination in bed.

The power of the man over the woman, in this type of relationship, is evidenced, and, for this reason, it can be so badly seen by some people, in the same way that others do not give up the practice exactly for this reason.

It all depends on you understanding how your head works and your preferences at the time H to do nothing that goes against your wishes.

Top tips for pleasurable anal sex

It is obvious that the anus is not the part of our body that can be considered the cleanest, but it should not be left aside when it comes to pleasure in bed.

This is because it is an extremely vascularized region, so not only is it possible, but many women reach orgasm with anal sex.

In addition to condoms, another tip I give to practice anal sex is conversation.

It is important that there is an intimacy with your partner, especially if you have never tried, or are still a beginner in practice.

Talking is the only way to set boundaries, and to preserve trust, so essential to the couple’s pleasure and squirting during anal sex.

Some men prefer to look for a professional service of luxury escorts who offer anal sex

The 5 best anal sex positions

If there are those that are best for vaginal penetration, why wouldn’t there be the ideal anal sex positions

Side by side

You know that shell position that you like to sleep with the cat? So, who would say, it can serve to your pleasure during anal sex. Stay the same way and ask him to penetrate you and caress your breasts.

Sex board

This position can be great for relieving any initial discomfort. Your body will be all supported and relaxed on the bed, while it makes the penetration slowly.

Sexual board a position for beginners in anal sex


The woman’s position on top, controlling movements, depth and discovering her own pleasure.

In addition, this position stimulates the skin and muscles around the anus, which, with practice, can influence the clitoris, providing even more stimuli.

Anal sex position Cowgirl

Dog style

The famous position of four.

She is a true classic when it comes to anal sex, and it couldn’t be different.

With the legs and arms resting on a surface, the fit from behind is extremely easy, not to mention the fetish that this position provides for partners, isn’t it?

Many women report that this is one of the most pleasurable anal sex positions!

Dog style anal sex position

Legs on shoulders

In this position the man can look into the woman’s eyes and see each reaction in relation to the speed and depth of penetration. And she can control her partner with a look, hands or legs.

Anal sex position leg on shoulders

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