Thai Massage: Quick Guide

Thai Massage The Quick Guide

Thai massage involves a lot of sensuality and pleasure with a simple touch. Like tantric massage, Thai massage is not a type of sex. However, it can set the stage for sexual intercourse. The movements are made in order to release the vital energy points of the human body.

How did Thai massage come about?

Thai massage is one of the four branches of Thai medicine. Incidentally, it is also known as medicine through the hands. This division of medicine was made by an Indian named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha more than 2,500 years ago – herbal medicine, spiritual medicine, nutritional medicine and manual medicine (massage). Thus, Thai massage appeared in India, around the end of the year 200 B.C. But nowadays you can already hire a massage in Lisbon over the internet. This type of massage came to be known because it was spread verbally through the master and disciples of that time. A curiosity is that Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha was very close to Buddha and, according to legend, he gave the master three daily sessions of Thai massage. It is clear that much of the history has unfortunately not been preserved and so it is not clear how the massage reached Thailand.

After all, what is Thai massage?

Thai massage is considered a therapeutic aspect that can work both the body and the mind at the same time releasing the vital energy points of the body. Therefore, it is a type of massage that unblocks people’s energetic knots through long, smooth movements. Unlike many massages that only use fingers and the palm of the hand, Thai massage uses other parts of the body as well, such as knees and elbows as it aims to put pressure on the energy points in addition to stretching the body. It is usually performed on the floor and both the client and the therapist remain dressed. However, comfortable clothing is recommended in order to keep your movements free because of stretching. Along with this type of massage it is possible to incorporate Yoga and acupressure practices, both used in order to increase the flexibility of the muscles and joints.

Benefits of Thai massage

As mentioned before, Thai massage is able to unblock people’s energy knots and this has numerous benefits because such knots are considered the main cause of illnesses acquired by the body and the soul, as they impede the fluidity of vital energy. Check below other of the main benefits that Thai massage is capable of bringing:

Relaxation by relieving muscles;
Increased flexibility;
Greater knowledge of one’s own body;
The joints become more resistant against inflammation;
It helps to improve blood circulation and make it more active;
Improves physical endurance;
Increases energy;
Improves skin and mood;
Tones muscles;
Feeling of general well-being through the release of vital energy.
In addition, heartache and stress can also be cured or, at least improved, through Thai massage. All relaxation leaves the individual with a greater capacity to deal with unpredictable and stressful situations and even makes the performance at work and in other activities become better and better. Pregnant women can also benefit from this technique, however it is recommended that the professional is specialized in order to avoid risks.

How to do a Thai massage?

Thai massage is initially applied to the feet, that is, part of the body that supports all of its weight throughout the day. Then it goes all over the body and ends at the head. Of course, from the beginning all movements and touches are smooth. The most recommended is that this type of massage is done in places without noise and without bright light, as this allows the person to rest both the body and the mind during the sessions. A Thai massage session can last up to two hours. It is recommended that professional therapists be used to perform Thai massage, as the most certain thing is to have sessions with specialists for better results. However, it is possible to do it at your partner at home or receive it as well. In fact, you can even do it in a sensual way in order to excite your partner, a great alternative! It’s up to you. Just don’t forget that Thai massage is not directly linked to sex as many people imagine. It may be a way to initiate a sexual relationship, but it is not always! With that, here are some important steps for performing Thai massage:

Step 1
As with any type of massage, a good oil cannot be left out. If you prefer, you can opt for edible gels and oils to give an increase, especially for two!

Step 2
To start the Thai massage, just spread the oil on your hands and rub your palms together until both are warm. Only after that do you start touching the other person’s skin. A very common mistake is to apply the oil directly to the skin. Do not do this!

Step 3
Have you started the massage yet? So you shouldn’t interrupt it until the end. Your hands must remain on the other person’s body so that the energy exchange is not broken. The movements should be light, but continuous and firm, in all regions. Remember to run your hand more gently on sensitive parts and with more pressure on more tense parts. The movements must be repeated until the muscles reach a state of complete relaxation.

Step 4
At the end of the passage you can choose to cover your partner’s private parts in order to further increase the bond between the couple. It’s up to you! Bonus tip: Thai massage is excellent for relieving PMS symptoms and hormonal imbalances! Use and abuse during these periods.

Who is this type of massage for?

Last but not least, Thai massage is recommended for all types of people, without exception. Even pregnant women can do it, as already mentioned. You can relieve stress and stretch your muscles with this massage! The benefits are numerous, both for your body and your mind, just do it the right way. So, what did you think of Thai massage? Have you already done a session or do you intend to do it? Still have any questions? Get in touch to book your Thai massage and feel all the positive impacts of this touch on your skin, as well as in your mind! But if you need an erotic massage, ask! Or consider hiring an escort for work

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