Tantric massage: what it is and how it is done

Tantric massage: what it is and how it is done

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a type of massage that aims to redistribute the sexual energies of the body, expanding sensitivity and providing more intense experiences.

The foundation of tantric massage is bioenergetics, a science that believes in the ability to influence our emotional states through working with the body.

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Unlike a conventional massage, which affects muscles and tendons, the tantric massage is done with subtle maneuvers of the fingers. Her goal is not to relax the muscles, but to stimulate sensory channels in the entire body to awaken bioelectricity, sensoriality and distribute energy.

Tantric massage is done on the entire body, and there are even touches made to the vagina and penis. However, it is a therapy, so it is not and does not involve masturbation but it is a kind of erotic massage.

What is tantric massage for?

One of the experiences modified from the tantric massage is orgasm. Since the first sexual experiences, the human being is conditioned to feel orgasm in only one way, with stimuli in certain parts of the body. With this, it is common to have peaks of pleasure that are felt quickly.

A tantric psychologist and therapist, aims to clear this pattern of behavior and mobilize your sensations, to create new connections of pleasure in the body.

Thus, tantric massage promotes a reconnection of the person to his pleasure. According to bioenergetics, our experiences (many of them repressive) create muscle armor, tensions that make the flow of bioelectricity throughout the body impossible. In sex, this prevents the pleasure energy from being discharged by the body and is often restricted to Organs genitals.

The role of tantric massage is to dissolve these breastplates. This is done not only by sensitizing the body, but also by developing awareness of breathing.

Tantric massage is manifested throughout the physical body and also acts on emotions and the psyche, dissolving anxieties and tensions that hinder the sensory information responsible for pleasure, orgasm, relaxation and the general balance of the body.

Don’t forget the manipulation of genitals in tantric massage.

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