What is Lingam Massage?

What is Lingam Massage

This massage focuses on the discovery of body awareness and pleasure (the Yoni massage), the well-known Lingam massage or Lingam massage, it is applied in Tantric massage sessions, but in men.

In Tantara “lingam”, which means the sexual organ of man, the name “lingam” is Sanskrit, where the channeling of tantra energy and pleasure in the male sexual organ is deposited. The correct technique, which must be applied by a specialized professional, is often confused with sensual massage and relaxing massage applied by masseuses all over the planet.

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To better understand the subject, get to know the Lingam Massage technique:

What are the benefits of Lingam Massage

Even though the pursuit of pleasure and sexuality is considered a taboo in society, sexual well-being, body education and knowledge of one’s own body and sensations must always be prioritized. Thus, lingam massage is an ally for men to work on sexual energy and test the benefits of the practice, such as increased genital strength and vigor, control of erection and ejaculation time and the discovery of new ways to reach orgasm.

During a session of this type of erotic massage, the tantric lingam massage, orgasm is not the objective or focus of the ritual, but rather, it aims to help men explore their sexual capacity. But, if the orgasm is reached during the massage, it will be welcome.

How Lingam Massage is applied

Lingam massage is not only applied to the shaft of the penis itself and must also be performed on the perineum, as well as the testicles. Contrary to common belief, experience is not always something that a man, when initiated, is comfortable with, as men are usually focused on performance, since a lingam tantric massage is not about male sexual performance, but about indulging in externally applied pleasure.

Preparation for a Lingam Massage

Your tantra therapist will explain the important requirements for lingam massage to bring the best benefits, building the exchange between the giver (therapist) and the recipient. The receiver must relax, let go of his usual need to prove himself sexually, and receive the touch with pleasure and gratitude, the giver, on the other hand, must maintain the necessary degree of respect by maintaining and respecting the Tantra ritual.

Starting the massage

The massage is usually applied on mats on the floor, but can be applied in other places depending on the disposition and the location where you will receive your massage, it starts with the man lying on his back, with his head supported enough to see his partner, his hips they must be supported, with the legs and knees partially bent. Before the actual lingam massage, both the giver and the receiver must engage in a long moment of tantra breathing in order to relax and get into the spirit of the ritual.

The “therapist” masseuse then anoints the lingam and testicles with perfumed or odorless oil, and begins the massage. Obviously, this must be done with the utmost care, and with careful observation of the man’s face for any sign of discomfort or real pain. Emphasis should be placed on the perineum, where the partner should take a long time to relax in this sensitive area between the anal area and the testicles. The massage then proceeds to the scrotum, the pubic bone area and further up.

The “donor” therapist then proceeds to gently apply the massage, with uniform hand pressure and the base of the “penis” lingam, working slowly upwards. A good technique is to use alternate hands, pulling up and releasing rhythmically and then reversing the process, starting at the glans of the lingam and stroking down.

The “plugging” penis may alternately become rigid and flaccid during massage. At the conclusion, the receiver must rest for a few minutes either in absolute silence or to the sound of soft music and maybe you have a happy ending massage lisbon

This Lingam massage technique is basic, soon we will post more techniques for you to improve your knowledge.

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