Good Time For Sex

Good time for sex

Well, actually any time of the day is good for having sex, although it points out that there are some that seem better than others for sexual intercourse. We suggest some proposals that may surprise you but that can help you for that moment when you can be very busy.

Although it seems a contradiction, it is proven that sex is capable of boosting the immune system. This does not mean that the best time to have sex is when she has a fever of 40 in bed, but it may be that sex is a good way to prepare for the annual flu season.

The human body appears to be designed for morning sex. It is the time when testosterone and energy levels in general are much higher than in the rest of the day. Oxytocin is through the roof, increasing arousal. When we wake up, the level of endorphins that enhances good mood and spirits also have a high level.

According to a recent study, it has been discovered that on day 14, once the woman’s menstrual cycle has started, the clitoris is when it reaches its greatest dilation, that is, when the maximum receptivity occurs during sexual intercourse. Come on, it’s the easiest time to reach an orgasm. The conclusion of the study makes a lot of sense since it is when the female body calls for war.

Sex is a good remedy to calm the nerves, as it lowers blood pressure and greatly reduces stress. Even the moment before giving a speech in public can be good to reduce the level of anxiety and stage fright.

Taking advantage of the energy we accumulate after exercising or running to have sex is a good strategy. At that time the blood flow in the genital areas increases by approximately 169%, it also increases the body’s production of testosterone, the main hormone for sex, which will cause us to have a greater sexual desire after having sweated a little.

A good moment can also be after having done something crazy, when we have been through something really exciting. It is when the maximum level of adrenaline in the blood is reached and our body is at the maximum level of excitement and will respond in the most passionate way.

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