Tips for seducing a guy

Tips for seducing a guy

In the beginning, don’t expose too much about yourself. Men find mystery in a woman fascinating, as she allows them to imagine thousands of things. Imagination is the most powerful weapon in the game of seduction. The boy’s curiosity about you will trigger his later interest in meeting you. It is a psychological reality that human contact makes us feel better. In addition, it provides greater closeness to other people. When you touch or touch the boy directly, you will create a bond with him. Take advantage, in a subtle way, that you talk to him to touch him. Touching his hands … The simple touch of the hand can be an erogenous zone point on the man’s body, a pat on the shoulder or a caress on the arm.

Unapologetic and natural women fall in love with men. Show how wonderful you are. Let him know something interesting and fun about your life. Also show him how happy you are with yourself. The boy must be jealous of your free time and the security you have. He must feel the need to want to share more moments with you.

Relax, don’t pretend and be yourself. In a subtle way make him feel that a woman like you needs a boy like him.

On many occasions it is better to shut up, listen and make your boy feel that he pays all his attention. Find out what he likes to do, what his hobbies are, his dreams, etc. The only way to share thoughts is to know how he thinks and what his motivations are, to live emotions and experiences together.

In order to develop the relationship and to strengthen it, it is important that you know if you have common interests. There is no point in pretending that you like the same hobbies if you really don’t. Be attentive to all the details in your conversations because it can give you a lot of information about the things your boy likes to do.

If you dress too much every day you will make it quite difficult for him to imagine what your look will be at a party or on a date alone. You can go casual but elegant at the same time. Make it seem like you have taken little time to fix yourself. Your boy will think something like this, “If he’s this pretty in the office, how will he be on a date?

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