PROSTITUTION IN LISBON – The reality of an escort


Escort is a term that, in actuality, everyone uses to refer to a prostitute. Given that the word whore, whore or whore, it seems that they find themselves too discredited, they have chosen to use a term that, in reality, is not the most adequate. In reality, an escort does not offer sexual services for money. At least, not only. In reality, an escort is another thing. It is a more step in the world of payment monitoring.

An escort is a woman with a good presence, a good cultural level and excellent training that allows them to accompany men of high social and acquisitive level to events of a social nature where they can pass by their peers. By assumption, these services are paid and the fees are likely to be very high. Frequently, the services offered are complemented with sex, but, absolutely, they are the most important part of the catalog of services.

It is usual for large social events or exclusive conventions for well-heeled business men to have the presence of a multitude of well-heeled and influential men. It is the result of a more common meeting with an escort for every male presence, chatting with an exquisite correction about her business, even the private life of her temporal partner. We all have the “Pretty Woman” film in our head, where a beautiful Julia Roberts played a delicious escort.

In the film, a wonderful Richard Gere ends up being seduced by the innocence of the person who plays Julia Roberts. The wealthy business man ends up enamored of an inexperienced escort who is reassured by a fantastic and romantic love story between our protagonists. However, this extreme is not guaranteed if we decided to hire an escort in real life. On the other hand, we must ensure that our economy is solid before proceeding with such an adventure.

As we have discussed, the term “escort” is used without any rigor in the world of prostitution in general as a euphemism for “whore” or “hooker”. Giving a review of the most important websites of classified erotic advertisements is enough to warn of the misuse of the term currently being made.

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