Is prostitution legal in Portugal?

Girl in lingerie with written text Is prostitution legal in Portugal?
Is prostitution a Legal in Portugal?

You Know whether prostitution is legal or a crime in a country is always an important issue!

Receiving tourist and workers from all over the world, Portugal is a coastal country, with more than 300 days of sunshine, cuisine and wonderful architecture.

Proud to be one of the safest countries in Europe, legal issues regarding the pursuit of sexual pleasure are extremely relevant for visitors to feel comfortable and not be afraid of the sporadic pursuit of paid pleasure.

In the capital of Portugal, you can find a wide variety of finding these services.

Escorts in Lisbon are the most common, all you need is a call.

Also strip clubs and gentlemen’s club are great choices for those looking to see first, and even trivial meetings in bars, restaurants or clubs and have fun.

Responding directly if prostitution in Portugal is legal

The answer is: Prostitution in Portugal is legal, that is, it is not a crime.
Selling your own body or time is not a crime in Portugal.

And what is illegal within the world of Prostitution?

illustration of the operation of an agency intermediating the hiring of an escort. Art. 169 Lenocínio what is illegal in Portugal
Customer calls the escort but is mediated by the agency

Portugal prostitution laws say:

1 – Anyone, professionally or for profit, who promotes, promotes or facilitates the exercise by another person of prostitution is punished with a prison sentence of six months to five years.
2 – If the agent commits the crime provided for in the preceding paragraph:
a) Through violence or serious threat;
b) Through trickery or fraudulent maneuver;
c) With abuse of authority resulting from a family relationship, guardianship or guardianship, or from hierarchical, economic or work dependence; or
d) Taking advantage of the victim’s mental disability or situation of special vulnerability;
is punished with imprisonment from one to eight years.Written translation in English of the page of the Republic’s Diary.

Should I worry about the authorities?

If you, the client, have ever encountered a situation in which the girl is forcibly doing sexual favors, do not hesitate to denounce the authorities!

With a financial context behind it, the authorities usually don’t care much about the fact that a person prostitutes himself. That’s not a big problem …

But they are extremely effective and inflexible in situations of human exploitation of all kinds.

Since they cannot lie to force the fragile crime, like the police in the USA, it is very difficult for the client to be held responsible for something.

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