Discover how Nuru massage is done

a man and woman lying on each other in a nuru massage

As one of the fastest-growing massage trends, Nuru massage arouses a lot of curiosity and also raises many questions. Well, this is a very intimate and sensual therapy that involves not only the therapist’s hands but the whole body of the therapist and the use of a special ultra slippery product. To learn more about this type of therapy, read on and find out how Nuru massage is done!

So how is Nuru massage done?

Nuru massage is a technique that basically consists of touching and rubbing body to body. For this, oil is used, which works as a slippery product. This allows the therapist to be able to glide her hands and her entire body over hers. It was then massaging each region as you do this, including the erogenous zones, and maintaining as much full-body contact as possible.

Due to its intimate nature, this can be very stimulating, and the combinations are endless, making this massage a great creative exercise for both involved. Skin-to-skin contact is amazing on its own, and you’ll feel it gently all over your back, arms, legs, stomach, and even the most sensitive parts of your body.

But beyond that, the session is taken to the next level, thanks to the massage techniques applied by the therapist. This feeling of full body-to-body contact is at the heart of Nuru massage, and both men and women can enjoy the slick pleasures of this therapy. Now that you know what nuru massage is.

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Why schedule a session at Ninfa Models?

Now that you know how Nuru massage is done let’s talk a little about why you should schedule a session at Ninfa Models. For starters, while many people initially assume that the only benefit of a Nuru massage session is pleasure, studies have shown it to be much more similar to more traditional massage styles than you might think.

This means that it brings us the same benefits. It just offers something more, like greater and more intimate contact with the therapist. Thus, it has been used since ancient times to relax, relieve muscle tension, and help reduce stress.

Thus, many people schedule a session at Ninfa Models for various reasons, such as muscle pain, to help them overcome the fear of intimacy, or to help them alleviate their anxiety or depression.

Plus, this is a very surreal experience that sends waves of calm and pleasure throughout your body and mind. So, giving you a unique and indescribable feeling that you certainly don’t get to experience very often.

Our therapists work to make the moment enjoyable, relaxing, and valuable to you from start to finish. And it is noticeable the difference in each customer, from the moment they enter our doors for the first time and when they leave.

So, come and live a unique experience. Schedule your Nuru massage in Lisbon at Ninfa Models right now!

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