Main questions about Nuru massage

Nuru massage in Lisbon, also known as hand-to-hand massage, is probably the most famous sensitive massage currently practiced. Japanese in origin, its main objective is to awaken the senses to fully enjoy the experience on a physical and mental level. No wonder its popularity has increased in recent years, reaching the level of lingam and yoni massages. However, it is still a somewhat unknown type of therapy, which causes many doubts about Nuru massage.

With that in mind, in today’s Ninfa Models’s article, you’ll discover the answers to these top frequently asked questions.

Check out the answer to the top 3 questions about Nuru massage.

You may have heard about this type of therapy, but you still have questions about Nuru massage. Or, still, you don’t even know what it is. Anyway, it doesn’t matter for you to get to know this special and stimulating service. See below.

the three most frequently asked questions were properly answered:

Nuru Massage: what is it?

The Nuru massage is a tantric ( maybe want to know about: Erotic Massage – The step by step to make an unforgettable) e want to know about: Tantric massage: what it is and how it is done) and erotic massage (maybe want to know about that serves to relax the body and mind in an authentic journey of pleasure and extra-sensory sensations. In Japanese, “nuru” literally means “slippery” and, as its meaning suggests, the friction of the bodies is the basis of the treatment and its main characteristic.

In other words, the therapist not only limits herself to using only her hands but leans on every part of her body to offer the client a unique and much more pleasant experience. The senses of the person receiving the massage then gradually awaken as he or she feels how the parts of the therapist’s body move over their skin.

What are the benefits of Nuru massage?

Nuru massage is nothing more than creativity, sensuality, and pleasure. It awakens sexual interest and represents a totally innovative experience that no other massage can offer. Through body-to-body contact with the therapist, you will be able to experience new sensations and even feel more comfortable in your own skin.

You can also discover more than just a physical connection. After all, Nuru massage is considered a true spiritual journey.

Perhaps most intriguing, however, is that Nuru massages offer a variety of health benefits as they significantly reduce the client’s stress. It is also ideal for relaxing sore or tense muscles. In addition, the body techniques used by the therapist also help to eliminate toxins from the body.

Should I get a Nuru massage?

Another question about Nuru massage is whether or not to receive this type of massage. And, well, it should be noted that more than a massage, this is a comprehensive treatment in which all your senses are toned and united to find your inner self. We often live disconnected and with our minds turned to external elements that do not allow us to visualize the beauty of life.

With a Nuru massage, you can focus on what’s most important to you, thanks to the fact that an experienced therapist will put your whole body into making you feel special and cherishing every moment you have.

So if you still have doubts about whether to receive it or not, don’t waste any more time. Nuru massage offers many benefits that you cannot miss.

Still, have more questions about Nuru massage?

If you still have any further questions about Nuru massage that aren’t answered in this article, please let us know! We will be able to help you understand everything about this therapy that might be the ideal choice for you. In the meantime, keep following our blog and discover the benefits of body-to-body massage.

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