Benefits of Yoni massage

Benefits of Yoni massage


Yoni massage for women is an ancient practice that has been gaining popularity over the past decade. If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of Yoni massage, or if you’re just curious about what it’s all about, then this article is for you! Ninfa Models is your Yoni massage blog.

What is Yoni massage?

Yoni massage is the traditional practice of using gentle strokes, massage oils, and healing mud to cleanse and rejuvenate the vagina. It’s commonly referred to as a ‘sacred organ’ or ‘yoni,’ which means ‘sacred space.’

How to perform a yoni massage

Yoni massage is used for many purposes. Traditionally it was performed by women on other women in order to keep their yonis healthy and happy. Modern-day practitioners may use it to improve orgasmic potential or relieve menstrual cramps; some people have reported that their sex lives have improved after receiving yoni massages from their partners or professional therapists. There are also some claims that regular yoni massages can increase your blood flow (which you’ll want if you’re planning on having kids) and slow down aging in your reproductive organs.

There is also a massage for men, the Lingam Massage

5 Benefits of Yoni massage

Yoni massage is a type of vaginal massage that has a lot of benefits for you and your partner. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should try it:

1) It can improve your sexual function.

2) It can increase your sexual pleasure.

3) It helps you get closer to your partner, which will make you feel more connected to them in the bedroom and out of it.

4) It can help relieve menstrual cramps, lower back pain, headaches, etc., because it helps release toxins from your body and improves blood flow throughout your body.

5) It just feels amazing! But seriously—you’ll notice how much better things feel after a few sessions with a professional Yoni massage practitioner!

What is yoni massage used for?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for “vagina.” The origin of yoni massage is unknown, but it has been practiced in India and Tibet for thousands of years. As a form of bodywork, [yoni massage]( helps reduce stress and anxiety while improving overall health.

Yoni massage can help with:

  • Relaxation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Improved intimacy with your partner
  • Improved vaginal health * Improved fertility * Improved libido

Yoni massage, also known as vaginal massage, is believed to be beneficial for fertility because it can help to improve blood flow to the pelvic region, reduce stress and tension in the vaginal muscles, and promote overall relaxation. By promoting physical and emotional well-being, yoni massage may enhance a person’s ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. However, it is important to note that yoni massage should only be performed by a trained practitioner, and that individual results may vary. Additionally, it is not a guaranteed cure for infertility and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

Yoni massage is indicated for:

  • Stress and tension
  • Energy levels
  • Self-esteem
  • Sexual desire and pleasure
  • Sleep quality
  • Menstrual pain and cramps
  • Pain during menopause

How to do a Yoni massage in 2 steps

  • Prepare yourself

Make sure you’re comfortable, both physically and emotionally. It’s recommended that if you’re going to be giving the massage in a room with other people around (like an apartment building), turn on some music or dim the lights so that no one can hear what’s going on. If it’s comfortable for you, try taking off your clothes and having your partner put on something loose and comfy too! The more relaxed both of you are, the better it will go!

  • Prepare your space

Clean everything—the table, any mats or pillows used for support during massage (if applicable), anything else that might come into contact with bodily fluids during the session. Put down towels underneath wherever necessary—this includes having towels under any body parts placed against furniture surfaces like tables or chairs. You may also want to have an additional towel handy just in case anything gets spilled or leaks from inside one of these areas of contact; this should be disposed immediately afterward so as not to contaminate any other areas where someone may sit down later on (if applicable). Make sure there is enough light available so that everyone involved can see what they’re doing without straining their eyesight too much – especially important if using oils which might cause things like paper labels being stuck onto them when applied over time; though again only applies if those kinds are used here rather than products such as coconut oil which would not require extra precautions being taken before application occurs since it would leave behind no residue upon removal later on after use has ended.”

Learn how to do it safely.

  • Make sure you use a lubricant. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of your session with no lube. This can be especially disastrous if you’re using any sort of tools or oil-based products on your yoni (like some candles or massage oils). You should always make sure that you are using a water-based lubricant. For example, if you’re just going to be rubbing oil over your lady parts, try to avoid baby oil because it’s an oil-based product and won’t work well with what you’ve got planned next. The same goes for soapy water—you can do that after!
  • Don’t use harsh soaps or soapy water up there. Using harsh soap on your vulva can lead to irritation and other problems down the line (and even during), so be careful about what kind of soap you’re using around your genitals! If it smells strongly like chemicals or something else unnatural, then chances are it’s not good for use on sensitive areas like these ones here!

How Yoni massage helps fertility

Yoni massage is a holistic therapy that focuses on the physical and emotional well-being of the female reproductive system. While there is limited scientific research specifically on yoni massage and its direct impact on fertility, proponents of this practice suggest that it can potentially support fertility through various mechanisms:

  1. Stress Reduction: Yoni massage aims to release tension and stress in the pelvic area and the body as a whole. Chronic stress can negatively impact fertility by affecting hormone levels and disrupting the menstrual cycle. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, yoni massage may create a more favorable environment for conception.
  2. Improved Blood Circulation: Yoni massage techniques involve gentle touch and stimulation of the genital and pelvic area. This can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, potentially enhancing their function and promoting a healthier uterine environment for implantation.
  3. Emotional Healing: Fertility struggles can be emotionally taxing. Yoni massage often incorporates elements of emotional support, allowing individuals to connect with their bodies, release emotional blockages, and address any past traumas or negative emotions related to their reproductive health. This emotional healing can help create a more positive mindset and reduce psychological barriers to conception.
  4. Balancing Hormones: Some proponents of yoni massage claim that it can help balance hormonal levels. Hormonal imbalances, such as irregular menstrual cycles or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), can interfere with fertility. By promoting hormonal balance, yoni massage may contribute to a more regular menstrual cycle and improved fertility.
  5. Enhanced Sensuality and Connection: Yoni massage emphasizes self-awareness and body acceptance. It can help individuals become more in tune with their bodies and their sexual energy. This heightened sensuality and connection with one’s own body can improve the overall experience of intimacy and potentially enhance the chances of conception when engaging in sexual intercourse for procreation.

It’s important to note that yoni massage is considered an alternative or complementary therapy, and its effectiveness in promoting fertility may vary from person to person. If you are experiencing fertility issues, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or fertility specialist who can provide evidence-based guidance and treatment options tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, always seek out a qualified and experienced practitioner if you choose to explore yoni massage as part of your fertility journey to ensure safety and proper technique.


For many women, yoni massage can be an extremely enjoyable and beneficial experience. It’s a great way of reconnecting with your body and learning more about your sexual health. book here your Yoni Massage in Lisbon.

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