Lisbon Strip Clubs

Lisbon Strip Clubs

The Strip clubs in Lisbon are part of the soul of the city. See in this Post an updated list of Lisbon Strip clubs.
Places of great luxury and seduction, it is the perfect place to celebrate something, have

, be around beautiful women, and in some cases, escorts Lisbon.

Unlike brothels where customers go with a more fixed idea of being sexually satisfied, a Strip Club is a place to relax and let yourself be carried away by the seduction of the place, lights, dancing, and Strippers.

Some strip clubs have more private places for more privacy or a hotter game like a table dance.

So let’s go to the list of strip clubs in Lisbon.

Lisbon Strip Club list updated after Covid (03/2022)

Some Strip Clubs in Lisbon could not stand the drop in movement with the pandemic situation, and some effectively closed. But others remained, others reopened and these are the ones we are going to list. Check the list of strip club in Lisbon

Body Club

Former Mussulo nightclub, open since 2011, O Body Club has become one of the most prestigious strip clubs in Lisbon. Located parallel to Avenida Fontes pereira de Melo, one of Lisbon’s arteries, at Rua Sousa Martins, 5D Lisboa, you’re sure to find fun and sensuality. And with another convenience that is being located next to an easily accessible gentleman’s club.


Diva Show Bar

Tamila Night Club

Tamila has always been a great strip club. Always known for its beautiful young ballerina girls, after a remodeling, Tamila looks beautiful with a new look with stunning decor, a red carpet worthy of all the luxury and fantasy that can be found in this place.
With space for table dances, private dances, stripease, and a great option for bachelor parties.

Photus Club

Former Night and Day, the new Photus Club has a new look, with beautiful young strip girls and an Attached Pub for snacks, TV with football and sports channels, an excellent idea to gather friends.

You can also see a price list on the website, which is great to see that kind of transparency.

Photus Club Strip club in Lisbon

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