The 5 best positions for oral sex

close up of a person's mouth

One of the most pleasant practices that we can enjoy, both women and men, is, without a doubt, oral sex. That is why it is important to know what are the best positions in which we can do it, to be comfortable and at the same time pleasing our partner or enjoying it ourselves. And it is a very important part of foreplay in sexual intercourse

1- The kiss of the butterfly or the cat’s tongue. It is the most common position when it is the woman who receives oral sex. She is lying on her back, she opens her legs so that the man is between them and stimulates her vagina with her mouth. At the same time, she can access other erogenous zones and masturbate her.

2- The 12. This is one of the most popular when it comes to giving him pleasure with oral sex. The man is standing and the woman kneels at the height of her penis to perform fellatio, being able to stimulate his testicles and perineum. The vision that the man has with this position is very exciting, but you can make it even more so if you look at him while you are performing oral sex. To avoid being uncomfortable, you can support your knees on a cushion or pillow.

3- The oral train. This is a good posture for both of you for your comfort. While the man is lying down, the woman kneels down, placing her vagina at the level of her face so that she can perform a cunnilingus while she has freedom of movement to caress her breasts and enjoy it to the fullest.

4- The passionate dreamer. One of the best times to practice sex is, without a doubt, in the morning. And this posture, although it can be done at any time of the day, is ideal for this moment. While he’s asleep, you slowly carefully lower yourself onto his penis and begin oral sex. It will be a very pleasant way to say good morning.

5- The 69. It is one of the best known and is the position in which the two of us are going to enjoy oral sex simultaneously. The most common is that the man is lying on his back and the woman on top of him and face down, so that the woman’s vagina is at the level of the man’s face and she is facing her penis. But the positions can be varied and it is the woman who lies on her back and the man who is placed on her. In this way, the man can penetrate her mouth as if he were doing it with his vagina, which is very exciting.

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