Foreplay, what to do before having sex

Foreplay, what to do before having sex

One of the most exciting moments in foreplay can be undressing your partner before ending up in bed. With more or less tenderness or with more or less passion, this moment is always stimulating for both of you. Launch yourself to perform a striptease on your partner, it is one of the star preliminaries.

Put the embarrassment aside, put on some sensual music, and start removing his clothes as he watches you from the bed. For them, you only need an erotic air in the environment, a dim light with some candles and a touch of some aromatic essence and, of course, you must be aware that you are the sexiest in the world at that moment. Your self-confidence will conquer your boy who will enjoy how you get rid of the dress first and then the underwear. It is essential that before making this spectacular strip, you go to a lingerie store to buy a set with which you feel comfortable and splendid. These types of preliminaries are what make couples not fall into monotony.

There are those who consider that oral sex is not part of the preliminaries but believe that, by itself, it is a full sexual act. No matter what opinion we have about it, we will agree that it can be the perfect advance to a perfect night. The main forms of oral sex are fellatio and cunnilingus. Although there is nothing written about tastes, in the case of fellatio, the most important thing to make the penis erect is to pay attention to the glans, the area where the greatest number of nerve endings of the male sexual organ reside. When it comes to women, performing a good cunnilingus can make your partner climax. It depends on taste, the boy can focus on stimulating the clitoris or extending the stimulation to the labia or even the anal area.

Considered preliminary or not, oral sex can be a reciprocal practice. Practice oral sex on your boy while he stimulates your genital area with his mouth, which is called a 69.

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