Erotic Massage – The step by step to make an unforgettable

Erotic Massage – The step by step to make an unforgettable

Massage is an ancient art used to stimulate and awaken different parts of our body. That is also why it has several modalities: relaxing, therapeutic, regenerative and even erotic. The practice of erotic massage is able to increase the intimacy between the couple in addition to facilitating those involved in reaching a more intense orgasm.

Why do an erotic massage?

The art of massage is a great request to increase intimacy between the couple.

Many people, especially us women, are uncomfortable giving massages to our partners because they believe they are not good at it.

The truth is that anyone can give an excellent massage like a professional, following some simple tips!

Benefits of erotic massage

Benefits of erotic massage for the couple: increases desire, enriches eroticism, improves body awareness of both, stimulates communication, sensitizes the body to enjoy more of the sensations

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Health benefits of erotic massage: stimulates blood circulation, increases blood oxygen levels, relaxes muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins, produces a natural exfoliation of the skin and is sedative.

Benefits of erotic massage for well-being: it is relaxing, combats stress, stimulates histamines and acetylcholines, substances in the body involved in feelings of well-being and relaxation, benefits people with depressive states and helps to increase self-esteem.

How to do an erotic massage?

Having an erotic massage is very similar to a traditional massage.

At first glance it may seem very complicated, but I guarantee that as soon as you learn and develop the basic techniques, the movements will be more fluid and will evolve naturally.

The main tip is not to leave contact between the two skins at any time.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be with your hands. The mouth and breasts can also help to get out of the obvious and stimulate the partner.

It is worth remembering that here on the blog I already talked about erogenous zones, that is, zones that give pleasure to our partners in various ways.

  1. Have patience
    Relax and calm your mind. Patience is the key to giving a good massage.

Feel good about yourself and prepare your mind to openly please your partner without expecting anything but happiness and relaxation in return.

Take a few deep breaths and avoid distractions.

  1. Choose an oil or separate a moisturizer.
    They will facilitate contact between your partner’s skin and your hand and allow you to slide better into it.

The most common is almond oil, but it is not mandatory. Get an edible oil and water base for a few licks in the middle of the path that will make you delirious.

  1. Put it in the correct position
    The best position for an erotic massage is face down on a semi-hard surface.

You can do it on a bed, but the most recommended is a mattress on the floor, because it will give you the necessary firmness.

  1. Master the movements
    The most used movement in an erotic massage, as in the traditional one, is the pressure of the thumbs in ascending and circular movements.

In places such as the calf, arms and thighs, pinching is also highly recommended.

  1. Start at the feet and legs
    Start by massaging your partner’s feet and work your way up the rest of the body.

Try varying the pressure of the touch as well as the type of touch – from simpler touches to light taps.

  1. Vary the pressure
    When moving your hands, vary the pressure you are applying to your partner.

A happy groan implies good pressure, a grunt or a painful groan means that you need to reduce it.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, ask your partner to tell you if you need to reduce or increase the pressure.

how to do sensual massage

  1. The good areas
    The neck, shoulders and toes are good areas.

Even if your partner does not enjoy a massage or if you are still feeling stiff or awkward, start with that region.

These areas help your partner to immediately relax, lose their inhibitions and use their hands against their bodies.

  1. The sensual zones
    A sensual massage is not good when you don’t spend a lot of time in the sensual areas, in the pelvis, in the inner thigh and in the lumbar region. When moving your hands across your partner, pay attention to how your partner feels.

If it looks rigid, you need to focus on the good areas.

If he feels relaxed, he will be ready for the sensual areas.

Spend a lot of time massaging your lover around your sensual zone.

And if you want to bring more passion to the massage, kiss or bite your partner around your sensual zone every now and then.

  1. Invest in sensuality
    Throughout the massage you can and should say some sensual things in your partner’s ear, invest in light bites and even licks. But at the end of all the relaxation, lie down on it and let it feel your body.
  2. Turn him over and let him see you
    Kiss him gently and move your mouth and breasts over his body.

Face him again and continue with the massage for a few more moments. Focus on the hands and arms.

  1. Make the massage reach the penis
    Gently massage your partner’s genitals, but remember that it is not to leave everything aside and focus only on masturbation.

The important thing is to leave it with the taste of “I want more”. Raise your hands, caressing his chest and hair again.

  1. Rest
    After a long time, start to gradually reduce the pressure on your hand.

The cooling process should take at least five minutes, only then will your partner notice the difference in hand pressure.

Once you’ve almost completely reduced the pressure, move your hands across your partner’s body carefully and slowly so that he can still feel your soft touch, but he can’t feel the pressure. End the sensual massage by gently kissing your lover around your body without disturbing your relaxed mental state.

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