Sex tourism, as a concept, is simple. It consists, simply, in the fact of traveling outside of your country or, even, of your province, with the exclusive purpose of having sexual relations with natives of the visited country. Sex tourism is becoming more and more prevalent in almost all parts of the world. In 99 percent of the cases, these sexual benefits are produced in exchange for some type of financial remuneration. These sexual relations can be carried out by professional prostitutes or prostitutes or in some places where you can find people who are looking for some other type of material benefit in exchange for sex but who do not become professionals.

Sex tourism is no longer a predominantly male act and has also spread to the female gender. People who practice sex tourism generally travel from western countries to less developed countries. Among men, this experience occurs among people of any age and social condition, however, among women, the profile of upper-middle-class elderly women who go in search of sexual experiences with young men is repeated regularly. Many countries are visited by both men and women with the almost exclusive purpose of exploring new sexual adventures.

The geographical preferences of both men and women are usually Cape Verde, Gambia or Morocco in Africa or, in the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, Cuba or the Dominican Republic, where there is a huge number of young men and women who offer their services . Another type of sex tourism is related to liberal couples. Either to exchange couples or to include another participant in their sexual encounters. This type of people can visit tourist establishments under reservation, there are even more and more travel agencies specialized in the provision of this tourist service.

The countries most frequently affected by sex tourism, especially by visitors from Western Europe, China and Korea, are the Philippines and Thailand, as well as some countries from Eastern Europe, North Africa and Cuba. In recent years, some of these countries, such as Thailand and Morocco, have recently implemented active policies to combat this phenomenon.

In Portugal, sex tourism is dominated by luxury escorts websites, escort agencies, striptease bars, Gentleman’s bar, transsexual advertising website, massage parlors and street whores.

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