Penetration is the carnal union par excellence. At the moment of penetration, the man and the woman become one person. Although it is almost always a source of intense pleasure, it can sometimes be unpleasant.

The union of two bodies or the outcome of the sexual act. Penetration is the moment in which the man slides his member into his partner’s vagina. The union of the two sexes is possible thanks to the excitement of the genital organs of both. This is why foreplay is so important throughout the entire sexual relationship. Caresses, whispers, kisses or games trigger an increase in desire and prepare the body for this union, causing the erection of the penis and the lubrication of the vagina.

Penetration, for the first time, is an important moment in the lives of all women. Sometimes this moment is so eagerly awaited that it becomes an apprehensive moment. The entrance to the vagina is protected by a small membrane called the hymen. It has a small hole through which blood lets out when women have their periods. This small membrane disappears with the first sexual intercourse.

The male breaks the membrane during penetration, which is called defloration. In some cases there is a small hemorrhage and slight pain, but it does not occur in all occasions. Many times this pain tends to have more origin in the nerves, due to the stress of the first time.

If penetration is the physical encounter of the sexes, it is also a strong moment for the two participants, with great emotions and sensations. The back and forth movements exerted by the male member cause the muscles of the vagina to contract and drive the partner into ecstasy. This intense increase in pleasure in the man results in ejaculation. For women, these manifestations are less visible and are purely physical feelings and maybe she sits willing for anal penetration 🙂

Some positions allow greater or lesser sensations and facilitate a more or less deep penetration. These positions should be experimented with with the partner and find the ones that are most enjoyable.

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